Rebecca Uth

The story of Rebecca Uth’s work with the new Christmas concept started in spring 2009 as homage to Georg Jensen’s great love. Rebecca Uth found time to visit the attic at Georg Jensen’s headquarters in Denmark, and went on several treasure hunts in the finicky old archives.
The archives are a true treasury of memorandums, drawings and photographs of objects which have been made with Georg Jensen’s seal of approval since 1904. The archives include everything from the 110 piece morning service designed by the Queen of Denmark for her husband Prince Henrik, to the drawings for the famous silver serving dish, which an Arabic sheik recently custom ordered in size XL as he wants to use it for serving lamb. It was in the countless amounts of books with Georg Jensen’s jewellery art that Rebecca Uth was inspired by Georg Jensen’s art nouveau jewellery or “Jugend”, as the style is called in German because it in the 19th century appealed to young European bohemians. Just like in the Romanticism the bohemians were in love with nature’s own colours, shape and creativity, which far exceeded what anybody, had imagination to think off.
Georg Jensen was amongst the first in the world to design jewellery in an unconventional and subtle style. He opened the door to the symbols of nature, such as, squirrels, petals and flower buds; and incorporated them in an unseen manner. The organic shapes and romantic expression is far from the minimalistic and modern style, which designers later made Georg Jensen world famous for. Rebecca Uth’s instinct told her that a tribute to nature’s informalities would again reflect today’s modern and eco-conscious women. The curlicues of the vintage jewellery inspired Rebecca Uth so much that she instantly started sketching Christmas ornaments in the same style – but with a modern interpretation.