Says Who

Nikolaj Duve and Kasper Meldgaard gain inspiration from the Danish designers of the 1950s. Their style is present-day and thought through down to the smallest detail, although strongly rooted in the simplicity, minimalism and function of the Scandinavian design tradition. They were both born in Hjørring, Denmark, and qualified in industrial design from the University of Aalborg, Denmark. They are behind the design duo Says Who – a name that indicates their willingness to challenge conventional expectations. As often as they can get away with it, they ask ‘Says Who?’, and are pleased about the direct invitation to get involved that lies in the question. Nikolaj and Kasper describe themselves as ambitious and prefer to create new designs of wood. Their favourite spot is the shared design studio in the evocative Latin quarter of Aarhus. True to style, they dare to be simple, although that does not apply when it comes to dreaming! With a steady respect for great design tradition on the one hand and a humble rediscovery of tradition on the other, Nikolaj and Kasper dream of expanding into a large design team that creates Scandinavian design for international customers.