Secto Design is a Finnish company specialized in designer lamps made of wood. The entire Secto Design collection is designed by a Finnish architect Seppo Koho and it has a clear and timeless Scandinavian feel. The lamps are handmade of Finnish birch which gives an appealing warmth to the light. The design of the lamps is both classic and contemporary, and the forms of the shades are simple, yet interesting. Finnish quality and environmental friendliness are among the key values of Secto Design. The lamps are famous for their quality, functionality, timelessness and suitability for a variety of different styles.

Secto Design collection consists of several lamp series that together form a clear and unique appearance of the brand. Behind the demanding craftsmanship there are highly skilled Finnish carpenters. The underlying approach of the lamp collection has remained the same as the collection has grown: the shades are made of laminated birch slats connected by rings of aircraft plywood.