Sergio Polano

Sergio Polano (Leghorn 1950) graduated in Architecture (1974) with Professor M. Tafuri at the Iuav Venice. Assistant Professor to the Prof. F. Dal Co and Prof. M. Scolari courses at the Iuav Venice (1974-89). Associate Professor of History of Architecture at the Udine (1989-91) and Ferrara Universities (1991-96), where he taught also Exhibition Design. History of Exhibition Design Lecturer, Meisterklasse Design P. Piva, at the Hochschule fuer Angewandte Kunst in Wien (1990-91). History of Architecture Visiting Professor at the Milan Polytechnic (1992-93). Full Professor of History of Contemporary Art at the Iuav Venice (1996-2008), he has been there Vice-Director of the Art & Design Faculty, and Director of the Schools of Design BA and of Visual Design MA; now retired. He has written many monographies and more than 300 essays, in periodicals and magazines, about: * the history of art (T. van Doesburg, S. Taeuber-Arp) * contemporary architecture (J.J.P. Oud, H. Haering, H.P. Berlage, C. Scarpa, A. Rossi, J. Stirling, K. Wachsmann, M. Botta, S. Calatrava; XX Century Architectural Guides series curator) * industrial design (A. Castiglioni, M. de Lucchi) * exhibition design (ia, the book Mostrare/To Exhibit, 1988-i, 2000-ii) * visual design (ia, the books abc of XXth century graphic design, with P. Vetta, 2003, and sussidiario, with P. Tassinari, 2010). Architect, and Exhibition designer, organizer and curator, since 1975 (collaborations i.a. to architects C. Scarpa, G. Valle, C. Dardi, A. Castiglioni, J. Stirling, M. Botta, B. Podrecca); Museum designer (Pistoia Art Civic Museum, Deruta Regional Ceramics Museum, Ferrara Museum of Architecture). Graphic Designer, ATypI Rome and TypoBerlin speaker, Iuav Venice Corporate Designer (1998-2002). Since 1996, member of CASABELLA magazine editorial staff; since 2010, editor of magazine site.