Shin Azumi

Shin Azumi is a London based Japanese designer who runs his own design studio: a studio. His activity covers product, furniture and space design. He works with a variety of clients on consumer products, furniture, lighting, electronics, audio equipment and space design for shops, restaurants, exhibitions, etc.
"Observation is always the key to development. I begin by objectively looking at all the phenomena surrounding a brief and try to clarify the key points to develop the project. After the distillation of the idea, the end result is often purified as a simple solution" says Shin Azumi.
Shin Azumi's designs are clearly in line with Fredericia Furniture's core values of balance between idea, function and aesthetics:
"Functionality is the key to increasing the longevity of a designs life. I look at physical functionality as well as the effect of psychological functionality. A design is complete when it is used by people. Providing satisfactory, interactive quality is key to a successful design. I always try to create a maximum effect from a minimum solution" says Shin Azumi.
Shin Azumi and his works have been published and awarded worldwide, and they have also been acquired for the permanent collections of many museums - such as the Victoria & Albert Museum (UK), the Stedelijk Museum (Holland), the Crafts Council (UK), the Die Neue Sammlung (Germany), the Museum fur Angewandte Kunst Frankfurt (Germany).