Skandium Summer Shops to open up in Artek stores in Finland this spring

January 2008

Artek was established in 1935 to sell and market the design of Alvar Aalto. The aim was always to work globally, and also bring in influences worldwide for the Artek stores. For this year, Artek is proud to announce an exciting co-operation with London based Scandinavian design retailer Skandium.

In spring 2008 Skandium summer shops will open up in all three Artek stores in Finland, the most comprehensive presentation set in the Helsinki flagship store. The product selection is based on two criteria; firstly that the products are the classic key pieces in the Skandium collection and secondly that they are suitable for the Artek range. The owners and founders of Skandium, Magnus Englund and Chrystina Schmidt are in charge of the layout and visualisation of the summer shops which will be open from April till July.

Artek has been strongly visible in Skandium since their opening on 1999. The ideology between the two companies is very similar; to promote simple Scandinavian modern living with great functionality and stylish streamlined looks. Skandium has been doing a remarkable pioneer work in establishing Scandinavian design for the UK market and beyond. Chrystina Schmidt and Magnus Englund are known for their exceptional knowledge in modern design, which they have been able to adapt into commercial use in their company. The team has also written two books on the subject: ‘Scandinavian Modern’ (2004) and ‘Scandinavian Country’ (2007).