Stilleben Print Collection - When Stilleben store opened almost 15 years ago it was among the first Danish interior shops to sell graphic prints from young up-and-coming artists. Through the years the two designers and owners Jelena Nordentoft and Ditte Reckweg have worked with many interesting artists and Stilleben Print Collection features their most successful and bestselling artists.

Each artist represents a special technique – from spray painting and linocuts to photography and collages. Actually it all started when they hired the Danish artist Monika Petersen to assist them. One day they decided to try sell some of her small drawings and it turned out to be a great success. In that sense Monika Petersen opened their door to the graphic world.

The prints are printed in Denmark and are available in 50x70, A3, A4 and A5. Printed on 200 g. Munken Lynx while the A5 mini prints are printed on 400 g. Munken Lynx.