Vignelli Design

Massimo Vignelli and wife Lella served as graphic and advertising design consultants to Knoll during the 1970s. They championed a graphic design for Knoll, which made them famous worldwide, and which continues to inform the company's work. Mr.Vignelli once described the Knoll assignment as the most exciting, rewarding of his professional career. The Vignelli work provided the foundation for all basic communication needs, including stationery, business cards, stickers, tags, boxes, brochures and four-color ads for trade magazines and publications like The New Yorker, Vogue and Fortune. The Vignellis have also collaborated on myriad projects incorporating their industrial, furniture and graphic design talents. Their New York firm, Vignelli Associates, applies a Modernist aesthetic to each assignment, polishing each artifact to a glossy finish that reflects clarity, beauty and functionality. In 2003, the couple received the prestigious Lifetime Achievement Award from the Cooper-Hewitt National Design Museum.