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Established in 2010, &Tradition is a Danish design company that marries tradition with innovation. Our unique portfolio of furniture and lighting spans designs from the 1930s to the present day and includes interior objects by internationally acclaimed designers.

  1. Formakami Pentant Lamp

    Formakami Pentant Lamp

    From: £160.00
  2. Bellevue Floor Lamp

    Bellevue Floor Lamp

    From: £610.00
  3. Setago Table Lamp

    Setago Table Lamp

  4.  P376 Pendant Lamp

    P376 Pendant Lamp

    From: £490.00
  5. Flowerpot VP3 Pendant Lamp

    Flowerpot VP3 Pendant Lamp

    From: £265.00
  6. Flowerpot VP1 Pendant Lamp

    Flowerpot VP1 Pendant Lamp

    From: £205.00
  7. lato-ln9-side-table

    In Between Table

    From: £795.00
  8. Lato LN9 Side Table

    Lato LN9 Side Table

  9.  Betty Chair

    Betty Chair

  10. Pavilion Chair With Armrests AV2

    Pavilion Chair With Armrests AV2

    From: £345.00
  11. Pavilion Chair AV1

    Pavilion Chair AV1

    From: £295.00
  12. Little Petra Lounge Chair

    Little Petra Lounge Chair

    From: £2,265.00