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The production and sales rights of Mr. Aarnio's best known designs have been transferred to a newly founded Finnish company run by design entrepreneurs in 2016. The iconic designs are sold under a new label called Eero Aarnio Originals. The corner stones of the collection are the Ball Chair, Bubble, Pastil and Pony. In addition, new design classics of the future will be launched later on. The new ownership has a positive impact on both the pricing and quality of the products. The new brand is developed in close collaboration with Mr. Aarnio.
Eero Aarnio is first of all, an innovator who is responsible for some of the most recognisable and best love pieces of furniture of the last century and therefore, his iconic creations have unfortunately led to a multitude of imitations around the world. An important goal for the new venture is raising awareness and significance of original designs.

  1. Parabel


    From: £846.00
  2. Mushroom


    From: £388.00
  3. Copacabana


  4. Tomato


  5. Pony


  6. Pastil Chair

    Pastil Chair

  7. bubble-chair

    Bubble Chair

  8. Ball Chair

    Ball Chair

    From: £5,486.00