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RIG-TIG, which means ‘just right’ in Danish, is an award-winning kitchenware brand that combines form and function in perfect balance. They don’t just deliver trend-setting kitchenware, they also keep nature’s limited resources in mind, whenever possible. The RIG-TIG philosophy is that functionality is key. Behind the products are both Danish and international designers. Many RIG-TIG products have innovative features, while other products are designed to be a fresh, RIG-TIG take on a classic kitchen item. RIG-TIG tries to rethink classic kitchen items to make a difference to all kitchen enthusiasts, which since the launch has resulted in a variety of functional and award-winning products.

  1. Cook-It tongs

    Cook-It tongs

  2. Cook-It spatula

    Cook-It spatula

  3. Cook-It small stirrer

    Cook-It small stirrer

  4. Cook-It large stirrer

    Cook-It large stirrer

  5. Cook-It whisk

    Cook-It whisk

  6. Drink-It water bottle

    Drink-It water bottle

  7. Green-It gardening tools, 3 pcs

    Green-It gardening tools, 3 pcs

  8. Sweep-It Dustpan and Broom

    Sweep-It Dustpan and Broom

  9. Mix-It lid for bowl

    Mix-It lid for bowl

    From: £5.95
  10. Mix-It Mixing bowl 3.5L, Light Blue

    Mix-It Mixing bowl 3.5L, Light Blue

  11. Mix-It Mixing bowl 2.5L, Light green

    Mix-It Mixing bowl 2.5L, Light green

  12. Mix-It Mixing bowl 1.5L, Blue

    Mix-It Mixing bowl 1.5L, Blue

  13. Mix-It Measuring cup - Green

    Mix-It Measuring cup - Green

  14. Multi measure cups (1, 2, 3, 4dl)

    Multi measure cups (1, 2, 3, 4dl)

  15. Measure-It Measuring spoon

    Measure-It Measuring spoon

  16. Drop colander

    Drop colander

  17. Hold-On Pot Holders 2pcs

    Hold-On Pot Holders 2pcs

  18. Tray-It tray

    Tray-It tray

  19. Dishy Dish Rack

    Dishy Dish Rack

  20. Roll-It Kitchen Roll Holder

    Roll-It Kitchen Roll Holder

  21. Sink caddy Soap dispenser

    Sink caddy Soap dispenser

  22. Sink caddy dish brush

    Sink caddy dish brush

  23. Sink Caddy Holder

    Sink Caddy Holder

  24. Box It butter box

    Box It butter box

  25. Box It bread box

    Box It bread box

  26. Easy Scramble spatula

    Easy Scramble spatula

  27. Easy Ratatoullie spoon

    Easy Ratatoullie spoon

  28. Easy Porridge spoon

    Easy Porridge spoon

  29. Easy Pastry spatula

    Easy Pastry spatula

  30. Easy Baking stirrer

    Easy Baking stirrer

  31. Dressing Shaker

    Dressing Shaker

  32. Easy Turn tongs

    Easy Turn tongs

  33. Easy Omelette spatula

    Easy Omelette spatula

  34. Easy Plaice turner

    Easy Plaice turner

  35. Easy Pancake turner

    Easy Pancake turner

  36. Crush-It mortar

    Crush-It mortar

  37. Parmesan Mill

    Parmesan Mill