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Chenille Bloom Rug, B Verona 301


  • Description

    Chenille is a collection made of Kasthall's most popular designs, woven with a chenille yarn of wool and linen that is manufactured by hand in Kasthall’s Kinna factory. This unique effect yarn is made to order for each new rug and woven shortly thereafter in the desired design. The element of linen adds shine and a little harshness within the wool, and every rug exudes luxury in true Kasthall spirit, with a beautiful, lustrous finish. Chenille comes in colours Glacier, Verona, Saffron, Dove, Clay and Emerald, in six different patterns: Charles, Goose Eye XL, Bloom, Ingrid and Corduroy.

  • Technical Info

    Product type: Woven chenille rug in pure wool and linen
    Weft material: 70% wool, 30% linen
    Warp material: 100% linen

    90 x 240cm
    140 x 200cm
    170 x 240cm
    200 x 300cm
    For custom sizes and more details please contact the web team.

    Total height: approx. 8 mm

    Total weight: approx. 2400 g/m2

    Wear classification: (EN 1307) Class 32 Commercial General

    Burning classification: (EN 13501-1) Cfl-s1

    Wear classification: (EN 1307) Class 23 Domestic Heavy

    Meets the requirements for Green Label Plus

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  • Delivery

    4-6 weeks
    Made to order item

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