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Christmas gnomes


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    In the Scandinavian tradition, the gnomes live under the floor boards and help out farm animals and humans. But if you annoy them, they can play tricks on you. On Christmas eve, many Scandinavians still put out a bowl of hot porridge on the doorsteps for the Gnomes to enjoy, to keep them friendly in the year to come.

    The Skandium Christmas gnomes, designed by Åsa Götander, have become a beloved classic in our shops. They are made with wool from the free roaming sheep found on the Swedish island of Gotland, which are unique in quality. Using their curly grey wool along with warm water and soap, we create a felt that is then handshaped into caps. The wool is also is turned into beards and hair. We also use sheepskin from arctic Icelandic sheep, which have a long straight fleece in a variety of colours. Each gnome is slightly different, giving them an individual personality.

    Available in two sizes - small and large - and in a variety of colour combinations.

  • Technical Info


    Small 25 cm
    Large 30 cm

    Materials: Wood and sheep wool. Hand made in Sweden.

  • Designer
    Åsa Götander

    It all started when we moved the countryside in 1984. Many different products were made in the neighbourhood. Some of the makers I already knew, and I established contacts with others. I finally made up my mind to start my own business. We built a small workshop in 1993 and called it Åsas Tomtebod ie Åsa's Gnome Workshop. The workshop barely made a living but my products became very popular. I started to think that maybe not only local people would be interested. In 2000 I signed up for a fair in Stockholm. This was the start of a big change. When I got back from Stockholm, I had sold out everything and my workshop became the centre for the production of gnomes. I had found my calling.

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    • Large, grey hat, grey beard
    • Large, grey hat, white beard
    • Large, red hat, grey beard
    • Large, red hat, white beard
    • Large, white hat, grey beard
    • Large, white hat, white beard
    • Small, grey hat, grey beard
    • Small, grey hat, white beard
    • Small, red hat, grey beard
    • Small, red hat, white beard
    • Small, white hat, grey beard
    • Small, white hat, white beard

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