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Curve glass mat

By Lind DNA


  • Description

    In Denmark the traditional coaster goes by many names. However, we do not feel that either one of these names can fully convey the functionality of this particular product. We call it: glassMAT. Taking a cue from our other table products, we have created our version of a modern coaster. The unique reinforced recycled leather gives this coaster a different, exclusive and high-fashion look. The idea behind this coaster was to create an everyday product that is both beautiful to look at and that embodies the practicality we aim for.
    The combination of recycled leather and latex strengthens the natural abilities of the materials. Thus, our coaster is both water resistant, easy to clean and tough, but at the same time, it has that characteristic leather touch and scent. To us, style, design and quality are inextricably linked - so whether you are using the coaster on the living room table, dining room table or simply letting it grace your patio furniture on a hot summer's day, you are sure to make the best of it. Our glassMAT is designed to fit your particular needs.
    With our glassMAT, not only do you get a beautiful coaster; you get a stylish mat on which to put candlesticks or other decorative objects. Regardless of the shape or stamp you choose, our glassMAT gives you countless possibilities. Think about it: How many coasters would you normally use around your house? Our glassMAT is sure to give the coaster an image-boost!

  • Technical Info

    Measurement:11x13 cm

    Abilities:Durable and water-repellent

    Abilities:Easy to clean with wet cloth or window spray

    Materials:80% recycled leather and 20% latex
    NUPO:Soft and matte surface with discrete leather patterns

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