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Studio Something.

Daniel Debiasi and Federico Sandri founded their own design studio Something in 2010. They work within various fields of design where objects are never considered on their own but as part of a bigger picture. A continuous dialogue encouraged by spatial, cultural and behavioural observations leads the Italian design duo to create beautiful design objects.

  1. Collar water and thermo bottle

    Collar water and thermo bottle

    By Stelton

    From: £25.00
  2. Collar Espresso Maker

    Collar Espresso Maker

    By Stelton

  3. Collar Milk Jug

    Collar Milk Jug

    By Stelton

  4. Collar Sugar Bowl

    Collar Sugar Bowl

    By Stelton

  5. Collar Coffee Grinder

    Collar Coffee Grinder

    By Stelton

  6. Collar Tea Pot

    Collar Tea Pot

    By Stelton

  7. Collar Tea Infuser

    Collar Tea Infuser

    By Stelton