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Thomas Sandell

An architect as well as a product designer, Sandell is without doubt amongst the most well known names in the current generation making up the Swedish design world. With a business established in 1985, Sandell has by now designed furniture and other products for companies including B&B Italia, Ikea, Asplund, Artek, Cappellini, iittala and Gärsnäs. His buildings stretch from private villas to office developments and larger residential developments, both in Sweden and across the world. He has also worked on a number of successful restaurant projects in central Stockholm, creating interiors which have stood the test of time very well. Sandell is a former head of the Swedish Architects Society.

  1. Kelim Mini flag rug

    Kelim Mini flag rug

    By Asplund

    From: £320.00
  2. Wine Coasters, 4 pcs.

    Wine Coasters, 4 pcs.

    By Georg Jensen

  3. Ice bucket with tong

    Ice bucket with tong

    By Georg Jensen

  4. Wine stopper

    Wine stopper

    By Georg Jensen

  5. Wine pourer

    Wine pourer

    By Georg Jensen

  6. Wine cooler

    Wine cooler

    By Georg Jensen

  7. Wine & Bar Corkscrew

    Wine & Bar Corkscrew

    By Georg Jensen

  8. Barbara bottle opener

    Barbara bottle opener

    By Skultuna

  9. February table

    February table

    By Nikari

  10. Wine Tray

    Wine Tray

    By Georg Jensen

  11. Wine carafe

    Wine carafe

    By Georg Jensen

  12. Wine set 3pcs - Screw,stopper,pourer

    Wine set 3pcs - Screw,stopper,pourer

    By Georg Jensen