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Bodil Kjaer

Architect MAA, designer and professor Bodil Kjær grew up in Jutland, Denmark but travelled to London, New York and Washington D.C. to study and work. Today she has a resume of more than 56 pages. She has worked with some of the most prominent names within architecture and design during her career, including the Danish architect Arne Jacobsen and the American designer Paul McCobb. Besides working with other recognised designers and architects all over the world, Bodil Kjær has managed to make quite a name for herself. As one of the few female architects and designers of her generation who managed to do so, she never actually had a career plan as such. It has simply always been the urge to set new standards and to improve herself that has been her motivation. One of her most recognised designs, the Cross-Plex™ table lamp, is a brilliant example of her mission to design with only the absolute necessary. Bodil Kjær has what she calls a problem-solving approach to design; she wants to create solutions to ‘functional, economic and aesthetic problems and she refers to her own designs as elements of architecture.
  1. BK10 Dining Chair 01

    BK10 Dining Chair

    By Carl Hansen

    From: £696.00
  2. Cross-plex table lamp T300

    Cross-plex table lamp T300

    By Fritz Hansen Lighting

  3. Cross-plex table lamp T500

    Cross-plex table lamp T500

    By Fritz Hansen Lighting

  4. BK15 Dining Table 01

    BK15 Dining Table

    By Carl Hansen

  5. BK12 Lounge Sofa/Bench 01

    BK12 Lounge Sofa/Bench

    By Carl Hansen

    From: £1,265.00
  6. BK16 Side Table 01

    BK16 Side Table

    By Carl Hansen

  7. BK13 Swing Sofa 01

    BK13 Swing Sofa

    By Carl Hansen

    From: £1,201.00
  8. BK14 Sunbed 01

    BK14 Sunbed

    By Carl Hansen

    From: £1,265.00