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Hans Bølling

Danish architect Hans Bølling (born 1931) has designed a vast variety of works, ranging from dolls and furniture to villas, living complexes and town halls. He had his own design studio from 1955. Although he originally attended the Art and Handicraft School, he followed his inner drive and became an architect, graduating from the Royal Danish Art Academy in 1960.

  1. Duck & Duckling

    Duck & Duckling

    By ArchitectMade

  2. Optimist and Pessimist

    Optimist and Pessimist

    By ArchitectMade

  3. Discus Bird

    Discus Bird

    By ArchitectMade

    From: £45.00
  4. Mermaid


    By ArchitectMade

  5. Wooden dog

    Wooden dog

    By ArchitectMade

  6. Penguin


    By ArchitectMade

    From: £59.00
  7. Large Wooden dog - Rufus

    Large Wooden dog - Rufus

    By ArchitectMade

  8. F Chair

    F Chair

    By Brdr. Krüger

    From: £390.00
  9. Triiio Dining table

    Triiio Dining table

    By Brdr. Krüger

    From: £2,671.00
  10. Tray table

    Tray table

    By Brdr. Krüger

    From: £497.00
  11. Triiio side table

    Triiio side table

    By Brdr. Krüger

    From: £1,172.00
  12. Triiio Coffee table

    Triiio Coffee table

    By Brdr. Krüger

    From: £1,172.00