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Matti Klenell

Matti Klenell was born in Gothenburg in 1972 and works and lives in Stockholm. He was studying at The College of Arts, Crafts and Design in Stockholm 1994-1999 and at the Architect School, Copenhagen in 1997. After graduating, Klenell and some colleagues established an architect's office, mainly working with product design. Klenell has received a number of distinctions, among them the Ljunggrenska Design Award in 2003. He has taken part in exhibitions both in Sweden and abroad. Klenell also teaches at Beckmans School of Design, Stockholm.

  1. Mushroom floor lamp

    Mushroom floor lamp

    By Örsjö Belysning

    From: £529.00
  2. Lempi glass

    Lempi glass

    By iittala

  3. Nappula candleholder small

    Nappula candleholder small

    By iittala

    From: £27.00
  4. Nappula candleholder large

    Nappula candleholder large

    By iittala

    From: £31.00
  5. Droplight pendant lamp

    Droplight pendant lamp

    By Örsjö Belysning

    From: £371.00
  6. Mushroom table lamp

    Mushroom table lamp

    By Örsjö Belysning

    From: £439.00
  7.  Nappula pillar candleholder

    Nappula pillar candleholder

    By iittala

  8. Pin - wall lamp

    Pin - wall lamp

    By Örsjö Belysning