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Ilse Crawford

Ilse Crawford (born 1962) is a creative director who launched British Elle Decoration in 1989. Her company Studioilse creates big ideas and emotional values behind brands to produce a long lasting and strong brand identity.

Studioilse's portfolio includes Soho House in New York, the Electric Cinema, High Road House and Cecconis in London and Babington House in Bath. Studioilse has created furniture and lighting. Current projects include modern breed of coaching inns for Dhillon Hotels, a contemporary identity for the Michelin rewarded restaurant at Grand Hotel in Stockholm, and a spa and well being destination in Kranzbach in the Bavarian Alps

Ilse has worked across product development and regeneration as vice president of Donna Karan Home where she helped to launch DKNY and Donna Karan homeware. She has also been Creative Director of the Crystal Palace project, where she brought together visionary designers to reinvent the chandelier, showing in Paris, Milan and New York as well as at London's Design Museum.

Ilse is head of department at the celebrated Design Academy Eindhoven. Her latest book 'Home is where the heart is?' examines our fundamental requirements for survival, safety, love, respect and self-fulfilment and explores ways in which we can integrate these basic emotional needs into design. Her first book, 'Sensual Home: liberate your senses and change your life', is considered by many a bible of modern living.

  1. Ilse vase

    Ilse vase

    By Georg Jensen

  2. Studioilse w084f floor lamp

    Studioilse w084f floor lamp

    By Wästberg

  3. Billy Floor Lamp - Ilse Crawford edition

    Billy Floor Lamp - Ilse Crawford edition

    By Kalmar

  4. Ilse bowl - brass, small

    Ilse bowl - brass, small

    By Georg Jensen

  5. Ilse pitcher

    Ilse pitcher

    By Georg Jensen

  6. Ilse bowl - stainless steel, medium

    Ilse bowl - stainless steel, medium

    By Georg Jensen

  7. Ilse bowl - Stainless steel, large

    Ilse bowl - Stainless steel, large

    By Georg Jensen

  8. Angsmark Rug, Juni 306

    Angsmark Rug, Juni 306

    By Kasthall

    From: £1,001.00
  9. Fara Rug, Mars 303

    Fara Rug, Mars 303

    By Kasthall

    From: £873.00
  10. Studioilse w084s pendant lamp

    Studioilse w084s pendant lamp

    By Wästberg

  11. Studioilse w084t2 table lamp

    Studioilse w084t2 table lamp

    By Wästberg

  12. Studioilse w084t1 table lamp

    Studioilse w084t1 table lamp

    By Wästberg

  13. Billy Table Lamp - Ilse Crawford edition

    Billy Table Lamp - Ilse Crawford edition

    By Kalmar

  14. Studioilse w084w wall lamp

    Studioilse w084w wall lamp

    By Wästberg