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Kasper Salto

Kasper Salto (1967) - the designer of the Ice™ Series, Little Friend™ and NAP™ - was trained as a cabinetmaker with Jørgen Wolff. He graduated in 1994 as a designer from the Danish Design School. During his studies Salto spent a term at the Art Center in Switzerland. From 1996-1997 Salto Lectured at the Royal Academy of Art in Copenhagen and was also appointed a member of S.E. (The Cabinetmakers' Autumn Exhibition). In 1997 Kasper Salto became an exhibiting architect for S.E. at the Museum of Applied Art in Copenhagen.
In Kasper Salto's work the Danish tradition of furniture design is continued in a well-balanced combination with international industrial design. Salto's main source of inspiration is nature's superior way of designing and colouring. In spite of his young age, Kasper Salto has already received several design awards for his works such as the Danish Knud V. Engelhardt's memorial award, The Danish Arts Foundation in the category of Crafts & Design & the Finn Juhl Prize.
For Fritz Hansen, Kasper Salto has designed the Ice™ Series including tables, side chairs, two different bar chairs, Little Friend™ - a small multifunctional table and NAP™ - a series of light stacking chairs.
If people who sit in the chair notice they have been sitting comfortably, I think I've succeeded. Say's Salto

  1. Nap armchair

    Nap armchair

    By Fritz Hansen

  2. Nap chair

    Nap chair

    By Fritz Hansen

  3. Nap armchair - Quickship

    Nap armchair - Quickship

    By Fritz Hansen

  4. Nap chair - Quickship

    Nap chair - Quickship

    By Fritz Hansen

  5. Pluralis table

    Pluralis table

    By Fritz Hansen

    From: £1,609.00
  6. Little friend™

    Little friend™

    By Fritz Hansen

    From: £678.00
  7. Little friend™ - Quickship

    Little friend™ - Quickship

    By Fritz Hansen

    From: £1,003.00