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Marja Rautiainen

Educated at the University for the Industrial Arts, Marja Rautiainen is one of the secrets to success at Lapuan Kankurit. She represents a new, open-minded generation of designers whose goal is to create linens that meet the needs of today’s consumers. Marja Rautiainen’s work reflects her strong professional skills and her passion for Finnish textile traditions. Marja’s designs Mustikka and Mansikka, Metsäpolku, Ruusunen, Koivu and Motti have had a lasting impact on Finnish textile design.

  1. Saaga Uni mohair blanket

    Saaga Uni mohair blanket

    By Lapuan Kankurit

  2. Keto Blanket

    Keto Blanket

    By Lapuan Kankurit

  3. Kili Throw - Grey, 65x90cm (small)

    Kili Throw - Grey, 65x90cm (small)

    By Lapuan Kankurit

  4. Colombina tea towel

    Colombina tea towel

    By Lapuan Kankurit

  5. Helmi tea towel

    Helmi tea towel

    By Lapuan Kankurit

  6. Puula tea towel

    Puula tea towel

    By Lapuan Kankurit