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Niels Hvass

Niels Hvass is one of the pioneers of the revival of Danish furniture design that took place in the 1990s. He is one of the most talked about, award-winning Danish furniture designers around today. This is due, in no small part, to the fact that Hvass has understood how to create a new style. The source of inspiration for Hvass is an original and ingenious use of materials. The looks he creates are clear and precise, placing the user in focus, and he designs from a heart-felt desire for the user to be enthralled and to fall in love. And this enthrallment and love should grow with time.

  1. Cutter Box Large

    Cutter Box Large

    By Skagerak

    From: £139.00
  2. Cutter Box Small

    Cutter Box Small

    By Skagerak

    From: £79.00
  3. Cutter lid, for large cutter box

    Cutter lid, for large cutter box

    By Skagerak

  4. Cutter Bench

    Cutter Bench

    By Skagerak

    From: £649.00
  5. Cutter mirror

    Cutter mirror

    By Skagerak

    From: £409.00
  6. Cutter Stool

    Cutter Stool

    By Skagerak

    From: £289.00
  7. Cutter folding seat

    Cutter folding seat

    By Skagerak

    From: £249.00
  8. Cutter Wardrobe

    Cutter Wardrobe

    By Skagerak

    From: £525.00
  9. Cutter Mini Wardrobe

    Cutter Mini Wardrobe

    By Skagerak

    From: £249.00
  10. Cutter Rack

    Cutter Rack

    By Skagerak

    From: £155.00