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Mika Tolvanen

Mika Tolvanen was born in Lieksa (Finland) in 1975. He is part of the Finnish Rehti Design Group, a forum of young Finnish designers that have in common their passion for true and simple design.

After his graduation at the Royal College of Art with a Master of Design in the year 2001, Mika founded his own design office – Studio Mika Tolvanen – in Helsinki. Based in an ancient bakery, works for renowned companies such as Zanotta, Muuto or Offect are done in the Mika Tolvanen Studio, designing furniture, lamps and consumer’s goods.

”My Design are function oriented. I try to design functionally and visually durable objects. Products are for use, but that does not mean they can not be beautiful at the same time. I do not have a dogma or ism, but I believe good design comes from understanding materials and from a desire to improve functionality. An objects can be complex in its variety of functions, but doesn’t have to be complicated.”

  1. Restore round basket

    Restore round basket

    By Muuto

  2. Restore tray

    Restore tray

    By Muuto

  3. Restore basket

    Restore basket

    By Muuto

  4. Visu wooden chair

    Visu wooden chair

    By Muuto

  5. Visu chair with sled base (2pcs)

    Visu chair with sled base (2pcs)

    By Muuto

  6. Visu lounge chair

    Visu lounge chair

    By Muuto

  7. Base High Table 01

    Base High Table

    By Muuto

    From: £1,249.00
  8. Base Table Ø 128 01

    Base Table Ø 128

    By Muuto

    From: £849.00
  9. Base Table Ø 110 01

    Base Table Ø 110

    By Muuto

    From: £815.00