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Danish and Italian! The union of the two cultures is a strong element in Gam-Fratesi’s design, prompted by simple everyday situations from their cultures in a fusion of technology, poetry and trad­ition. Like the Swedese easy chair Cartoon, inspired by the spontaneous expression in children’s drawings, and interesting much because of the meeting between its cartoon-like proportions, the austere Scan­di­navian style, precise detailing and a traditional high-quality work process.

Stine Gam was born in Copenhagen in 1975 and graduated from the School of Architecture in Aarhus, Denmark, in 2006 with an MA in furniture design. Enrico Fratesi was born in Pesaro, Italy, in 1978, studied architecture at the University of Florence and graduated with an MA in Industrial Design from the University of Ferrara.

GamFratesi Design Studio, founded in 2006, is based in Copenhagen, although the team constantly travels between Italy and Denmark, researching and develop­ing new projects. GamFratesi has participated in exhibitions in Milan, Stockholm, Copenhagen, Cologne, New York, Shang­hai, London and Berlin.

  1. YUH Floor lamp

    YUH Floor lamp

    By Louis Poulsen

  2. YUH Table lamp

    YUH Table lamp

    By Louis Poulsen

  3. Yuh Brass/Marble floor lamp

    Yuh Brass/Marble floor lamp

    By Louis Poulsen

  4. Beetle plastic dining chair

    Beetle plastic dining chair

    By Gubi

    From: £258.00
  5. Beetle plastic dining chair, wooden legs

    Beetle plastic dining chair, wooden legs

    By Gubi

  6. Beetle dining chair

    Beetle dining chair

    By Gubi

    From: £785.00
  7. Masculo Dining Chair - Black Base 01

    Masculo Dining Chair - Black Base

    By Gubi

    From: £758.00
  8. Masculo Dining Chair, Wooden Base 01

    Masculo Dining Chair, Wooden Base

    By Gubi

    From: £929.00
  9. Masculo Meeting Swivel Chair 01

    Masculo Meeting Swivel Chair

    By Gubi

    From: £907.00
  10. Bat Lounge Chair-Black Chrome-01

    Bat Lounge Chair Lowback

    By Gubi

    From: £1,617.00
  11.  Yuh Brass wall lamp

    Yuh Brass wall lamp

    By Louis Poulsen

  12. Yuh Brass/Marble table lamp

    Yuh Brass/Marble table lamp

    By Louis Poulsen

  13. Suspense P1.5 Pendant lamp

    Suspense P1.5 Pendant lamp

    By Fritz Hansen Lighting

  14. Tulou coffee table

    Tulou coffee table

    By HAY

  15. Paper Coffee Table

    Paper Coffee Table

    By Gubi

    From: £258.00
  16. Beetle lounge chair

    Beetle lounge chair

    By Gubi

    From: £1,263.00
  17. Silhouette Sofa

    Silhouette Sofa

    By HAY

    From: £2,465.00
  18. YUH Wall lamp

    YUH Wall lamp

    By Louis Poulsen

  19. TS coffee table

    TS coffee table

    By Gubi

    From: £454.00
  20. Suspence pendant lamp

    Suspence pendant lamp

    By Fritz Hansen Lighting

    From: £240.00
  21. Suspence nomad floor lamp

    Suspence nomad floor lamp

    By Fritz Hansen Lighting

  22. Karui trays

    Karui trays

    By Skultuna

    From: £84.00
  23. Baffi broom

    Baffi broom

    By Swedese