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Constantin Wortmann

 Wortmann studied design in Munich, followed by an internship and several freelance design projects for Ingo Maurer. In 1998 he co-founded the design studio Büro für Form with Benjamin Hopf. Numerous international awards and exhibitions confirm the success of the studio which focuses on interior design, industrial design, furniture design and lighting design.

Constantin Wortmann has designed several great and beloved pieces for Georg Jensen Living – including the highly popular COBRA Line. His elegant design language is in perfect harmony with the Georg Jensen design DNA and already now, it is safe to say that there are many more exciting cooperation projects in the pipeline.

  1. Cobra bowl

    Cobra bowl

    By Georg Jensen

  2. Cobra plate

    Cobra plate

    By Georg Jensen

    From: £18.00
  3. Cobra tumbler 2pcs

    Cobra tumbler 2pcs

    By Georg Jensen

    From: £32.00
  4. Cobra thermo cup

    Cobra thermo cup

    By Georg Jensen

  5. Cobra candleholder

    Cobra candleholder

    By Georg Jensen

    From: £58.00
  6. Cobra Candleholder S/M/L set of 3

    Cobra Candleholder S/M/L set of 3

    By Georg Jensen

  7. Cobra floor candleholder

    Cobra floor candleholder

    By Georg Jensen

    From: £195.00
  8. Cobra tray

    Cobra tray

    By Georg Jensen

  9. Cobra Pitcher

    Cobra Pitcher

    By Georg Jensen

  10. Cobra Carafe

    Cobra Carafe

    By Georg Jensen