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Alfredo Häberli

Alfredo Häberli was born in Buenos Aires, Argentina, in 1964. Today, he is an internationally established designer based in Zurich. Alfredo Häberli manages to unite tradition with innovation, joy and energy in his designs. He works with companies such as Alias, Asplund, Bally, Cappellini, Camper, Driade, iittala, Kvadrat, Luceplan, Moroso, Offecct, Thonet and Volvo.

  1. Alfredo salad bowl

    Alfredo salad bowl

    By Georg Jensen

  2. Origo orange

    Origo orange

    By iittala

    From: £10.00
  3. Alfredo glass vase

    Alfredo glass vase

    By Georg Jensen

    From: £125.00
  4. Alfredo vase

    Alfredo vase

    By Georg Jensen

  5. Alfredo Bread Basket

    Alfredo Bread Basket

    By Georg Jensen

  6. Essence


    By iittala

    From: £12.00
  7. Essence tumbler - Moss green

    Essence tumbler - Moss green

    By iittala

  8. Alfredo Salt and Pepper

    Alfredo Salt and Pepper

    By Georg Jensen

  9. Alfredo salad servers

    Alfredo salad servers

    By Georg Jensen

  10. April table

    April table

    By Nikari

    From: £1,489.00
  11. Alfredo kitchen roll holder

    Alfredo kitchen roll holder

    By Georg Jensen

  12. Alfredo carafe

    Alfredo carafe

    By Georg Jensen

  13. Nox Portable Table Lamp

    Nox Portable Table Lamp

    By Astep

  14. Moneyphant With Twins

    Moneyphant With Twins

    By Georg Jensen

  15. Alfredo keyring, Mother & child

    Alfredo keyring, Mother & child

    By Georg Jensen

  16. Alfredo keyring, Girl

    Alfredo keyring, Girl

    By Georg Jensen