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Anderssen & Voll

Anderssen & Voll is an Oslo based design studio led by Torbjørn Anderssen (1976) and Espen Voll (1965). Torbjørn and Espen were cofounders of Norway Says. Since the start up in 2009, their work has spanned from textile design through tableware and furniture to electronics for some of Europe’s most renowned international design brands.

  1. Troll vase - smoke

    Troll vase - smoke

    By Menu

    From: £49.95
  2. Troll vase - amber

    Troll vase - amber

    By Menu

    From: £49.95
  3. Troll vase - midnight blue

    Troll vase - midnight blue

    By Menu

    From: £49.95
  4. Pavilion Chair AV1

    Pavilion Chair AV1

    By &tradition

    From: £295.00
  5. Pavilion Chair With Armrests AV2

    Pavilion Chair With Armrests AV2

    By &tradition

    From: £345.00
  6. Mouse Chair

    Mouse Chair

    By Nofred

  7. Mouse Table

    Mouse Table

    By Nofred

  8. Mouse Bench

    Mouse Bench

    By Nofred

  9. Mouse Chair Junior

    Mouse Chair Junior

    By Nofred

  10. Mouse Chair School

    Mouse Chair School

    By Nofred

  11. Mouse Table School

    Mouse Table School

    By Nofred

  12. Well watering can

    Well watering can

    By Menu