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Anne-Mette Jensen & Morten Ernst

Waves was the winner of the first Erik Jørgensen design competition in 1994, which marked the 40 years jubilee of the company. Anne-Mette Jensen and Morten Ernst started their collaboration when they participated, and ended up winning the competition. At the time they were still students of The Academy of Fine Arts School of Architecture but since then they have worked together as a professional team, contributing with several designs for Erik Jørgensen.

  1. EJ 195 Insula

    EJ 195 Insula

    By Erik Jørgensen

  2. EJ 190/191 Insula

    EJ 190/191 Insula

    By Erik Jørgensen

    From: £1,003.00
  3. EJ 180 Duplo sofa

    EJ 180 Duplo sofa

    By Erik Jørgensen

    From: £4,359.00
  4. EJ 190 F and 191 F Insula Puf 01

    EJ 190 F and 191 F Insula Pouf

    By Erik Jørgensen

    From: £826.00