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Børge Mogensen

Børge Mogensen (1914-1972) started his career as a cabinetmaker in 1934. In 1936 he went on to study at the Copenhagen School of Arts and Crafts under Professor Kaare Klint before entering the Royal Academy of Fine Arts from where he graduated as an architect in 1942.

He became head of design at FDB (the Danish Co-Op) in 1942 before establishing his own design office in 1950.

During his years at the Copenhagen School of Arts and Crafts the young Mogensen developed a close partnership with his mentor Kaare Klint and subsequently also assumed Klint's approach to simple and functional furniture design. Later on Mogensen was to work as Klint's teaching assistant at the Royal Academy.

Functional is the word which best describes Børge Mogensen's design. The majority of his furniture was designed with industrial production in mind and is characterized by strong and simple lines. His true genius is to be found in his almost scientific analysis of the functionality of a piece of furniture.

A smaller but essential part of Mogensen's work was the cabinetmade pieces, one of them being "The Hunting chair" from 1950 made by Erhard Rasmussen. A simple low easy chair with an oak frame from where the strong natural leather seat and back is stretched.

Other important pieces include "The Spokeback Sofa" designed in 1945, which with its lightness and simple, open construction differed from most sofas at the time, and "The Spanish Chair" from 1959, a low, robust easy chair

  1. BM1 Chair 01

    BM1 Chair

    By dk3

    From: £825.00
  2. BM2 Chair 01

    BM2 Armchair

    By dk3

    From: £1,255.00
  3. BM0949P Contour Chair 10

    BM0949P Contour Chair

    By Carl Hansen

    From: £1,581.00
  4. BM1106 Huntsman chair18

    BM1106 Huntsman chair

    By Carl Hansen

    From: £1,898.00
  5. J39 chair

    J39 chair

    By Fredericia

    From: £614.00
  6. Søborg chair

    Søborg chair

    By Fredericia

  7. BM1160 Hunting table

    BM1160 Hunting table

    By Carl Hansen

    From: £2,790.00
  8. The Spanish chair

    The Spanish chair

    By Fredericia

    From: £3,538.00
  9. The Hunting chair

    The Hunting chair

    By Fredericia

    From: £4,736.00
  10. No. 1 Sofa - 3-seater

    No. 1 Sofa - 3-seater

    By Fredericia

  11. Spoke-back sofa

    Spoke-back sofa

    By Fredericia

    From: £7,860.00
  12. 2208/2209 sofa

    2208/2209 sofa

    By Fredericia

    From: £8,882.00
  13. Søborg metal base 01

    Søborg Metal Base 3060

    By Fredericia

    From: £483.00