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Christina Liljenberg Halstrøm

With a Swedish mother and Danish father Christina Liljenberg Halstrøm shows her Nordic roots in her furniture through a minimalistic approach and choice of materials, like wood, leather and wool. Function is always the starting point and dictates the idiom of the finished pieces.

Christina Liljenberg Halstrøm is currently living and working in Copenhagen, Denmark. She did her initial studies of design and art in Stockholm, Sweden and graduated in 2007 from The Royal Danish Academy, School of Design, Copenhagen, Denmark.

  1. Georg bar stool

    Georg bar stool

    By Skagerak

    From: £375.00
  2. Georg Mirror

    Georg Mirror

    By Skagerak

    From: £325.00
  3. Georg desk with drawer

    Georg desk with drawer

    By Skagerak

    From: £764.00
  4. Georg desk without drawer

    Georg desk without drawer

    By Skagerak

    From: £639.00
  5. Georg stool with leather seat - Jubilee edition

    Georg stool with leather seat - Jubilee edition

    By Skagerak

  6. Georg dining table

    Georg dining table

    By Skagerak

    From: £1,399.00
  7. Georg Table Mirror

    Georg Table Mirror

    By Skagerak

    From: £125.00
  8. Georg Bench

    Georg Bench

    By Skagerak

    From: £639.00
  9. Georg Stool

    Georg Stool

    By Skagerak

    From: £239.00
  10. Georg Hangers with leather

    Georg Hangers with leather

    By Skagerak

  11. Georg Rack 115cm

    Georg Rack 115cm

    By Skagerak

    From: £135.00
  12. Georg Rack 60cm

    Georg Rack 60cm

    By Skagerak

    From: £79.00
  13. Georg hooks 3 Pcs.

    Georg hooks 3 Pcs.

    By Skagerak

  14. Georg Console Table

    Georg Console Table

    By Skagerak

    From: £529.00
  15. Georg Shoehorn

    Georg Shoehorn

    By Skagerak