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Ditte Buus Nielsen

That thing you have always needed. An overlooked object at a flea market that sparks your imagination. An interesting function that can be incorporated into alternative contexts. As a designer, Ditte Buus Nielsen is inspired by this sort of scenarios, and as design director for Skagerak, she is also used to seeing things from the other side of the desk. This unique position gives her insight into the entire process, and she is well aware that dialogue and cooperation are the recipe for the best products. ’As a designer, I prefer to work with the products from start to finish, preferably in close cooperation with the companies, so that my ideas are heard, and the resulting product represents the optimal outcome for both parties.’

Ditte Buus Nielsen has an MSc in industrial design from Aalborg University, and her whole life she has loved developing ideas and creating things. Along with the functional aspect, simple expressions that are drafted on paper and translated into miniature mock-ups are what trigger Ditte’s creative mind. Wood and metal are some of Ditte Buus Nielsen’s preferred materials, and the subtle designer has a practical approach to her profession that is firmly rooted in rational factors and holistic processes with everyday life and design history as two parallel paradigms and key sources of inspiration – along with the ambition of one day designing the perfect chair…
  1. Norr Shelf

    Norr Shelf

    By Skagerak

  2. Norr paper towel holder

    Norr paper towel holder

    By Skagerak

    From: £49.00
  3. Norr bread box

    Norr bread box

    By Skagerak

  4. Norr Carrier

    Norr Carrier

    By Skagerak

    From: £85.00