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Frandsen & Aagaard

Frandsen & Aagaard is a design duo comprising of Kåre Frandsen and Nicolas Aagaard. Kåre Frandsen is trained as a cabinetmaker from PP Furniture and holds a bachelor’s degree in furniture design from the Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts. Nicolas Aagaard on the other hand grew up in a family of jewellers and has for years designed and made jewellery.

In addition, he holds a bachelor’s degree in Business Administration from Copenhagen Business School and has studied industrial design at the Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts.

Due to their very different backgrounds they can challenge each other’s way of thinking in a positive way. They dare to disagree and only accept designs that they both can vouch for. A good design is supposed to surprise and add something new. There should exist for a reason and tell a story. Besides this, it should be practical.