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Greta M. Grossman

Greta Magnusson Grossman (1906-1999) maintained a prolific forty-year career on two continents: Europe and North America. Her achievements were many and encompassed industrial design, interior design and architecture. In 1940, she emigrated to the United States, settling in Los Angeles with her husband, jazz musician Billy Grossman.

  1. Grasshopper floor lamp

    Grasshopper floor lamp

    By Gubi

  2. Cobra floor lamp

    Cobra floor lamp

    By Gubi

  3. G-10 collection - Floor lamp

    G-10 collection - Floor lamp

    By Gubi

  4. 62 dresser

    62 dresser

    By Gubi

    From: £2,399.00
  5. B-4 Table Lamp

    B-4 Table Lamp

    By Gubi

  6. Grasshopper pendant lamp

    Grasshopper pendant lamp

    By Gubi

  7. G-10 collection - Pendant lamp

    G-10 collection - Pendant lamp

    By Gubi

  8. Cobra table lamp

    Cobra table lamp

    By Gubi

  9. Grasshopper table lamp

    Grasshopper table lamp

    By Gubi

  10. Cobra wall lamp

    Cobra wall lamp

    By Gubi