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Hans Hornemann

The young Danish designer Hans Hornemann graduated as a Master of Engineering in Industrial Design from the University of Aalborg 2014. Hans Hornemann emphasizes the combination of aesthetic simplicity and high functionality in expressive and light-hearted design. He is fascinated by the industrial and technical solutions in design in terms of both material and mode of expression. Natural materials often inspire him, and he endeavors to strip the design to its bone and portray the honesty found in the materials.

  1. Case coffee table small

    Case coffee table small

    By Normann Copenhagen

  2. Case coffee table large

    Case coffee table large

    By Normann Copenhagen

  3. Slice bench

    Slice bench

    By Normann Copenhagen

  4. Slice bar table

    Slice bar table

    By Normann Copenhagen

  5. Slice coffee table

    Slice coffee table

    By Normann Copenhagen

  6. Slice table

    Slice table

    By Normann Copenhagen

    From: £1,090.00