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Harrit-Sørensen + Samson

All members of the Harrit-Sørensen + Samson design team, which comprises Thomas Harrit, Nicolai Sørensen and Kim Sam- son, graduated from The Danish Design School in 1991 and have stayed together since their first year. Together Thomas and Nicolai run the architectural practice of Harrit-Sørensen and are probably best known for their KNAX coat rack and the Greenlight traffic light for which they received the Danish Design Award in 2000. Kim Samson has worked for IKEA where she designed the REDD shoe rack, but she now freelances. The three designers have together designed the Snowdrop lamp series for LE KLINT where Thomas and Nicolai have mainly handled the functional development work while Kim has contributed the feminine expression of the products.

  1. Knax hooks

    Knax hooks

    By LoCa

    From: £98.00
  2. Knax DuPont hooks

    Knax DuPont hooks

    By LoCa

    From: £94.00
  3. 120 pendant lamp

    120 pendant lamp

    By Le Klint

    From: £254.00
  4. 120 pendant lamp, anthracite grey

    120 pendant lamp, anthracite grey

    By Le Klint

    From: £259.00
  5. 320T table lamp

    320T table lamp

    By Le Klint