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Included Middle

Included Middle is a design duo founded in 2014 by furniture designer Chris L. Halstrøm and textile designer Margrethe Odgaard. Their work combines the design of furniture, textiles and even lighting, which has been used in several collaborations, notably with the FRAMA brand. The duo likes to explore the interactions of different shapes, colors and patterns with a curious attitude and a clever way. The two women often work individually, but when they work together, they examine the gap between their two domains to arrive at objects that they would not have imagined separately. Their main objective is to create objects that challenge people's perception of the different existing combinations of colors, shapes and patterns. Thus, they offer the possibility to interact with objects and change their expression.

  1. Iota blanket

    Iota blanket

    By Skagerak

  2. Reykjavik daybed

    Reykjavik daybed

    By Skagerak

  3. Gerda table 70

    Gerda table 70

    By Skagerak

  4. Gerda stool

    Gerda stool

    By Skagerak

  5. Ventus Pendant Lamp

    Ventus Pendant Lamp

    By Frama