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Jonas Lindvall

Jonas Lindvall is a Swedish architect and designer. Originally educated as an interior architect at HDK in Gothenburg 1989-1993, he then went on to study furniture design, firstly at Royal College of Art in London and then at the Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts in Copenhagen. After finishing his studies he returned to his hometown Malmö were he started his own architecture and design office, Lindvall A&D. As an architect Lindvall came to prominence after his award winning design for the Izakaya Koi restaurant in Sweden earned him the Golden Chair, a prestigious national award given by the Swedish Association of Architects. As a furniture designer he has made several prize winning pieces including the Oak chair which was awarded with the "Furniture of The Year" in 2001. He has also been awarded the "Excellent Swedish Design award" on four separate occasions. In 2004, in an article entitle Wise Buys the influential magazine Wallpaper listed Lindvall as one of three designers that investors should look to as producing tomorrow's most collectible furniture. In 2008 Jonas Lindvall released the Bernard chair, a handcrafted design that was four years in development.

  1. Miss holly chair - Painted

    Miss holly chair - Painted

    By Stolab

  2. Miss holly bar stool painted oak

    Miss holly bar stool painted oak

    By Stolab

  3. Miss holly chair

    Miss holly chair

    By Stolab

    From: £626.00
  4. Miss holly bar stool

    Miss holly bar stool

    By Stolab

  5. Miss holly bar table

    Miss holly bar table

    By Stolab

    From: £1,583.00
  6. Miss holly dining table

    Miss holly dining table

    By Stolab

    From: £1,847.00
  7. Lindvall w124 pendant lamp

    Lindvall w124 pendant lamp

    By Wästberg

    From: £605.00
  8. Lindvall w124 table lamp

    Lindvall w124 table lamp

    By Wästberg