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Monica Förster

Monica Förster, creater of some of the most internationally renowed objects in contemporary Swedish design today, is based in Stockholm but grew up close to the artic circle in the very north of Sweden. Her work is categorized by a strong sense of pure form mixed with a never-ending curiosity for new materials and technology. Always trying to work in a cross-disciplinary way, she invents and renews typologies in industrial, furniture and object design.
She has been awarded with Excellent Swedish Design, Design Plus in Germany, and was awarded FutureDesignDays Award 2002. She has also been represented in the International Design Yearbook. Monica Förster design studio works worldwide with clients such as Poltrona Frau, Cappellini, Modus, Tacchini, E&Y Japan, Offecct, David Design, Nola, Swedese and Skruf.

  1. Breeze table copper

    Breeze table copper

    By Swedese

    From: £809.00
  2. Bonbon Mini Vases, 3pcs set

    Bonbon Mini Vases, 3pcs set

    By Skultuna

  3. Matrix Bowl

    Matrix Bowl

    By Georg Jensen

    From: £65.00
  4. Matrix Vase

    Matrix Vase

    By Georg Jensen

    From: £65.00
  5. Matrix Vase tube vase - Medium

    Matrix Vase tube vase - Medium

    By Georg Jensen

  6. Förster flowerpot, brushed

    Förster flowerpot, brushed

    By Skultuna

    From: £71.00
  7. Förster flowerpot, polished

    Förster flowerpot, polished

    By Skultuna

    From: £71.00
  8. Tunes high candleholder

    Tunes high candleholder

    By Georg Jensen

  9. Tunes low candleholder

    Tunes low candleholder

    By Georg Jensen

  10. EJ 880 Savannah Coffee Table 03

    EJ 880 Savannah Coffee Table

    By Erik Jørgensen

    From: £783.00
  11. 2018 Holiday Ornament Acorn & Pinecone - Palladium

    2018 Holiday Ornament Acorn & Pinecone - Palladium

    By Georg Jensen

  12. Breeze table

    Breeze table

    By Swedese

    From: £545.00
  13. Pond side table

    Pond side table

    By Swedese

    From: £1,444.00
  14. Coffee Bean side table

    Coffee Bean side table

    By Swedese

  15. Caravel cutlery Giftbox 5pcs

    Caravel cutlery Giftbox 5pcs

    By Georg Jensen