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Ole Wanscher

Ole Wanscher (1903-1985), was born in Copenhagen in 1903 and was an architect and professor of architecture with furniture designs as his specialty. He came to shape Danish furniture, both as an active designer and as a master teacher. His furniture designs are now considered to be modern classics - sophisticated and functional with an exquisite attention to detail.

Ole Wanscher created his best known products primarily in the period between the late forties and early sixties. He took great interest in industrially produced high quality furniture and designed serveral pieces with thiss particular aspect in mind. It was the familiar philosophy of 'design for everyone'. However, his finest work was made in close collaboration with reowned master cabinetmakers.
  1. OW149 Colonial chair

    OW149 Colonial chair

    By Carl Hansen

    From: £2,329.00
  2. Beak chair

    Beak chair

    By Carl Hansen

    From: £2,326.00
  3. OW150 Daybed

    OW150 Daybed

    By Carl Hansen

    From: £2,707.00
  4. OW449 Colonial table

    OW449 Colonial table

    By Carl Hansen

    From: £619.00
  5. OW602/603 Sofa

    OW602/603 Sofa

    By Carl Hansen

    From: £5,035.00
  6. The Carl Hansen Colonial Sofa

    OW149-2 Colonial sofa

    By Carl Hansen

    From: £3,734.00
  7. OW2000 Egyptian Stool

    OW2000 Egyptian Stool

    By Carl Hansen

  8. OW149-f Colonial footstool

    OW149-f Colonial footstool

    By Carl Hansen

    From: £1,255.00