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Sami Ruotsalainen

Sami Ruotsalainen is a graduate of Helsinki's University of Art and Design who started working for Marimekko as an intern. Within six months he was taken on permanently and was combining work with completing his studies. He worked closely with freelance illustrator Maija Louekari for the In Good Company Range and the result is an artfully thoughtful dinner service.

  1. Oiva white plate

    Oiva white plate

    By Marimekko

    From: £17.00
  2. Oiva white tea pot

    Oiva white tea pot

    By Marimekko

  3. Oiva white bowl 0.25L

    Oiva white bowl 0.25L

    By Marimekko

  4. Oiva white mug 0.25L

    Oiva white mug 0.25L

    By Marimekko

  5. Oiva white rectangular plate

    Oiva white rectangular plate

    By Marimekko

  6. Oiva Puolikas Mug (130), Seasonal

    Oiva Puolikas Mug (130), Seasonal

    By Marimekko

  7. Rasymatto bowl (190), Seasonal

    Rasymatto bowl (190), Seasonal

    By Marimekko

  8. Oiva Kanta serving dish

    Oiva Kanta serving dish

    By Marimekko

  9. Oiva Mauste salt and pepper set

    Oiva Mauste salt and pepper set

    By Marimekko