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Søren Rose

Soren Rose started Soren Rose Studio in 2008. As an important part of the Danish design scene, he is a permanent jury member in the annual Danish design award. Soren Rose’s designs are characterized by strong personality and attention to detail and quality. Soren Rose has offices in Copenhagen and New York.

SØREN ROSE ON HIS DESIGN PHILOSOPHY It’s all about the detail and quality. This way the products will live past our times and become a feeling and a statement rather than a brief trend. A Soren Rose product has a strong personality, it is satisfying and relevant.

  1. Collister Tribeca table lamp

    Collister Tribeca table lamp

    By Menu

  2. Chambers tribeca chandelier

    Chambers tribeca chandelier

    By Menu

    From: £499.95
  3. Harrison tribeca chandelier

    Harrison tribeca chandelier

    By Menu

    From: £499.95
  4. Warren tribeca wall lamp

    Warren tribeca wall lamp

    By Menu

    From: £249.95
  5. Walker Ceiling/Wall Lamp Tribeca

    Walker Ceiling/Wall Lamp Tribeca

    By Menu

  6. Franklin chandelier

    Franklin chandelier

    By Menu

    From: £439.95
  7. Duane pendant lamp

    Duane pendant lamp

    By Menu

  8. Plateau side table

    Plateau side table

    By dk3

    From: £524.00
  9. Reade table lamp

    Reade table lamp

    By Menu

    From: £149.95
  10. Leonard tribeca chandelier

    Leonard tribeca chandelier

    By Menu

  11. Staple tribeca wall lamp

    Staple tribeca wall lamp

    By Menu

    From: £179.95