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EJ 123 Toward Sofa

By Erik Jørgensen


  • Description

    The designs from Anne Boysen are characterised by always having sense for details, good craft and a timeless expression.

    Toward is the result of a collaboration between the architect Anne Boysen and Erik Jørgensen The Manufactory. Towards’ playful and creative design is inspired by the monochrome colour trends with a focus on the sensuousness details of the craft.

    With Toward, Anne Boysen unites the idea of a sofa with the idea of an easy chair and a daybed in an innovative design, and a tone-in-tone colour coordination.

    Toward is available in six colour combinations: green, blue, rosa, brown, navy blue and grey. The colour combinations consist of six different woollen textiles from Kvadrat.

  • Technical Info

    H 79 x W 203 x D 78cm

    Seat Height:

    Light Grey - Lightgrey Fiord 151/Remix 123/Divina Melange 120/Hallingdal 116/Clara 148/Tonica 171

    Dark Grey - Darkgrey Steelcut 190/Remix 173/Basel 187/Divina Melange 180/Clara 188/Hallingdal 180

    Brown - Brown Steelcut 380/Canvas 174/Remix 152/Canvas 154/Molly 170/Clara 184

    Pink - Pink Steelcut Trio 515/Divina MD 613/Remix 612/Remix 612/Clara 544/Canvas 614

    Blue - Vidar 554/Fiord 771/Metric 026/ Cava 794/Balder 782/Canvas 794

    Green - Steelcut 975/Remix 842/Metric 022/ Cava 972/Divina MD 973/Clara 793

    Solid Oak with "Shoes" in Brass or Aluminium

  • Designer
    Anne Boysen

    Architect Anne Boysen established her studio in 2012. With a focus on detail and craftsmanship, she creates a timeless design. Anne Boysen graduated as an architect from the Aarhus School of Architecture in 2012. Architecture and furniture design are not her only interests, however; she has also attended a number of art schools, including the Aarhus Academy of Fine Arts. She describes her style as ‘classic with a twist’ and ‘engaging and playful’.

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    • Aluminium
    • Brass

    •  Blue
    • Brown
    • Dark Grey
    • Green
    • Light Grey
    • Pink

  • Delivery

    9-10 weeks
    Made to order item

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