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EJ 450 Delphi sofa

By Erik Jørgensen


  • Description

    Delphi is spacious and has interesting construction dynamics emphasized by the sophisticated details. The sofa primarily appeals to the home market because of the two depths in the seat and loose cushions. The asymmetry between the different seating depths is repeated in the back- and arm rests. This stimulates not only the body that rests in the sofa but also the eye that looks at it.

    The series consists of several accessories e.g. a tray that fits the arm rests, a blanket, footstools in different sizes and a petplace for the four-legged members of the family.

    Modular sofa system available in a variety of sizes and unit combinations with a wide range of upholstery options.

  • Technical Info

    Cushions: Fixed. Pantéra foam. Visko-elastic foam and down cover.
    Removable fabric covers, fixed leather covers.
    Matt chromed steel or untreated oak legs.

    Dimensions:L:240 x D:85 x H:66 (Seat height: 33cm)
    Example price is based on EJ 450-E1 Left and Right

    For more options please contact one of our stores.

  • Designer
    Hannes Wettstein

    Hannes Wettstein (1958-2008) was one of the most innovative and influential designers in Switzerland. Wettstein completed an apprenticeship as a structural engineering draughtsman and then trained himself as a designer and architect. He was fascinated by technological developments as well as art history and architecture; and somewhat alchemical and ingenious, his unique way of developing ideas never disappeared. His willingness to always rethink everything determined by design - everyday actions, organization of rooms, the purpose of things - led him to create surprisingly simple solutions that outlasted time. Technology transfer from design-resistant fields, years of scientific work on an idea or a material and a fine sense of brand quality - Hannes Wettstein shaped a world in which he sought to comprehend the essence of things that surrounded him. Hannes Wettstein designed elegant and perfect objects for daily use that maintained their identity and remained timeless even in the changing flow of fashion. Also in room design he created archetypes: complete and sensitive solutions for specific locations, interior fittings or set designs. The comprehensive way in which he helped designed the world lives on today in the company he founded in 1991, Studio Hannes Wettstein.

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    • Black leather, Apache 301
    • Steelcut trio (Sand 213)

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    6-7 weeks
    Made to order item

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