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Scandinavian Country: new book by Magnus Englund and Chrystina Schmidt

March 2007

Skandium founders Magnus Englund and Chrystina Schmidt have done it again, a book about living in Scandinavia. This time living in the countryside. Or as it is called in Scandinavia ’living in the summer house’. A phenomenon which can happen in winter as well, ‘living in the summer house’.

In Finland for example 25% of the population have a holiday home, either it is an inherited house from parents or grandparents who once lived in the country, often by the sea, by a lake, or any other pretty spot containing family history. This is to enjoy the short but intense summers and if well built, which most of them are, for winter holidays and weekend breaks.

The houses come in all forms, shapes and sizes, old or new. They always correspond with nature, as living close to nature is the point of such a second home. And nature and it preservation is always rule number one when building. There is a very nice ramblers law in Scandinavia called ‘allemanslag’ - this means anyone can stroll around anywhere, you are even aloud to set up your tent for a night on any ground as long as it is not on the front porch of the owner of the land. This freedom naturally also brings duties. Duty to respect and care for nature one enjoys. Finns, Swedes, Norwegians and Danes people from all walks of life enjoy this alike.

Living close to nature is a luxury for many people in the modern world, but remains part of what it means to be a true Scandinavian.

We hope you enjoy or houses as much as we do!

ISBN 9781845973520
144 pages
300 colour photographs

Published by:
Ryland Peters & Small
20-21 Jockey's Fields
London WC1R 4BW
Tel: (+44) 020 7025 2200
UK wholesale distribution by:
Macmillan Distribution Ltd
Brunel Road
Hampshire RG21 6XS
Tel: (+44) 01256 329 242