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Skandium welcomes Henrietta Dubrey

Brompton Store
18-31 July 2011

Skandium welcomes Henrietta Dubrey to exhibit a series of her paintings both at our Marylebone and Brompton Road stores from Monday 18th of July until 31st of July.br /> Skandium will dedicate a few weeks every summer to celebrate an artist we like, and hope our customers likewise will appreciate.

Living and working in West Penwith on the north coast of the stunning tip of Cornwall, Henrietta Dubrey is a painter who enjoys encompassing different aspects of inspiration in to her often diverse paintings.br /> Working mainly in oil on canvas and occasionally on paper, first and foremost it is the paint itself that gives the immediate starting point to a work. ‘Through my painting I explore process and outcome. As the subject becomes evident I am able to let the work dictate its own direction. The works are all autobiographical, describing mood, place and circumstance. Each painting has a starting point and a narrative, the titles often revealing specific occasion. From the freer, more abstract style, to the more figurative works, I enjoy the way the work talks more directly about itself, becoming less enigmatic.’

It was the work of the second generation St Ives artists such as Roger Hilton, Patrick Heron and Terry Frost that drew her to Cornwall after a spell of five years living in Northern France. Her influences also spread further afield to American Abstract Expressionism and French painting, especially Picasso and Matisse. Important other avenues of inspiration range from books, magazines and music, to family life and holidays. Dubrey studied painting in London at the Byam Shaw School of Art, Wimbledon School of Art and the Royal Academy Schools in the late 1980’s. Being right at the centre of the gallery scene and the hustle and bustle of central London was an invaluable and formative experience.

You are welcome to see and experience Henrietta’s wonderful world at Skandium.

All paintings are for sale.