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Artists in Residence

Republic of Fritz Hansen Store
1st May – 16th June

Skandium and Fritz Hansen have teamed up with London based design-duo makecreate to launch Artists in Residence - a live installation project that will reside at the Republic of Fritz Hansen Store from 1st of May – 16th of June.

A selection of up-and-coming, as well as more established artists, will be invited to relocate to a temporary studio built in a window frontage in the store. Artists will practice their craft to a live audience of shoppers and passers-by, whether it be sculpting, painting or jewellery-making, and each artist will be encouraged to carry out their discipline as they would in their own workspace.

Artists in Residence will run for a 6 week period from the 1st of May - 16th of June and during this time 12 artists will be showcasing their work. The list of artists participating in this project, alongside the dates of their residency, can be found below:

Celia Smith // May 1st - 5th

Celia Smith is an artist who draws with wire, as others draw with pencil. For her, creating sculptures out of wire is like drawing in three dimensions. Birds are her main inspiration; capturing their movement and character is her primary concern. She finds that wire has a spontaneity that can give her sculptures a feeling of life and energy.

Late night viewing: 02/05/13 6pm - 8pm


Mikala Djorup // May 6th - 9th

Mikala Djorups danish background and traditional jewellery training is reflected in her strong and simple designs. Clean lines combined with unusual diamonds and pearls results in a timeless and modern statement. Repetition and patterns in nature are a source of inspiration, used with a minimalist eye. Mikala enjoys working with coloured rosecut diamonds because of their individual character, which compliments well the matt surfaces she favours in her work.

Late night viewing: 09/05/13 6pm - 8pm


Peter Gura // May 10th - 12th

Peter Gura creates fresh, vibrant images that capture the essence of his subjects, from landscapes, wildlife to figural composition. He is always working on developing his colours, technique.

As Peter states; I paint as I feel it not doing anything against myself. Colour and light is a main driver of my work I concentrate on colour composition and aesthetics of the picture.

Late night viewing: 10/05/13 6pm - 8pm


Liam Richardson // May 13th - 15th

Liam Richardson begins his work as an experiment or a state of play, where he embraces colour, shape and the tangibility of an object. From this point he makes multiples of the preferred elements and the best are selected. This for Liam creates a dynamic flow between these mediums. Through this production process Liam’s aim for the results in his work is to be left open to the highlighting of new and relevant ideas, allowing for the development of a multi-faceted dialogue between artist, space and audience.

Late night viewing: 15/05/13 6pm - 8pm


SmithMatthias // May 16th - 19th

SmithMatthias is a London-based design partnership established by Jack Smith and Gemma Matthias. They share a passion for creating enduring and responsible products with manufacturing intelligence and attention to detail. They strive to encompass function, technology, relevance and sustainability into all that they design, together with beauty and soul.

Late night viewing: 16/05/13 6pm - 8pm


Hayley Steadman // May 20th - 22nd

Hayley makes bespoke, one-off garments from design to completion. Hayley offers a bespoke service where you can design the garment yourself or work with her to create a unique garment to suit your theme of the day. Exquisite hand embroidery and beading provides the finishing touch to many of the dresses she makes.

Late night viewing: 20/05/13 6pm - 8pm


Juan Montero & Eugenia Morpurgo // May 23rd - 26th

Juan Montero is a Conceptual Designer who has lived and worked in London, Eindhoven, and Milan. His nomadic lifestyle has increased his awareness of the sociopolitical and cultural potential of design. Juan’s is interested in human interactions and produces work that disrupts habitual behaviour. These human relations are explored through narrative, by employing: film, photography, and interactive design.

Late night viewing: 23/05/13 6pm - 8pm


Eugenia Morpurgo is a Social Designer and a recent graduate of the Design Academy Eindhoven, the Netherlands. Morpurgo is interested in producing work that allows users to re-appropriate control of the material world.

Late night viewing: 23/05/13 6pm - 8pm


Sarah King // May 28th - 29th

Sarah King is an artist jeweller working with materials, form and structure to make sculptural, contemporary, yet feminine jewellery. The finished pieces have a sensual form and elements of playfulness. They grow from the logic of their concept and construction and resist superfluous decoration. Her work embodies her clear, fresh aesthetic and innovative approach.

Late night viewing: 28/05/13 6pm - 8pm


Giulia Ricci // May 30th - June 2nd

Giulia Ricci makes finely detailed geometrical abstract work using a variety of processes,including hand-made and digital drawing, laser engraving, installation and video. Drawing underpins Giulia’s practice across the various media she employs. Giulia uses drawing to translate the experience of tactility into a visual image always seeking to create a sense of texture through the use of non-representational visual language.

Late night viewing: 30/05/13 6pm - 8pm


Julie Rafalski // June 3rd - 4th

Julie Rafalski’s work examines how this modern era represents its utopias. She seeks to foreground the seemingly apparent, but not always visible, by creating new contexts of meaning in images dating from the 20th century. Her approach concentrates on the fragmentary, the marginal and the obsolete. Rafalski often reuses printed ephemera that document modernist projects. She sources her images from books and encyclopaedias, which often show signs of wear, highlighting the history of the printed materials themselves.

Late night viewing: 03/06/13 6pm - 8pm


Maria Hatling // June 6th - 9th

The world of Maria Hatling is one where bold quirky drawings, colour and creativity rule. Her signature hand-drawn prints and patterns are easily recognizable and her quality of line has won her many followers eager to collect her work. Maria is a Norwegian artist and designer who works across different medias including painting with acrylics on canvas, collage, textiles and silkscreen & giclee prints on paper.

The print you see here is called the 'The Key To Happiness' and it's part of a series of work exploring the same subject matter. The Key To Happiness for Maria is to be able to express herself through her work. During Maria's residency she will continue to produce work under the same subject matter in form of watercolours and line drawings

Late night viewing: 06/06/13 6pm - 8pm


Kristian Fletcher // June 10th - 16th

The work of Kristian Fletcher incorporates a diverse range of media, investigating aspects of social remnants in our built environment. He pays particular attention to structures or places that are in a condition of flux or state of change.

Looking at public spaces, Kristian attempts to explore how permanent and temporary structures come to be invested, and reinvested, with mean- ing. He also pays attention to how the current usage of the place comes into conflict with the claims and significations of those social meanings.

Late night viewing: 13/06/13 6pm - 8pm