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Classic Black knife

By Morakniv


  • Description

    Handmade quality - The result is a range of beautiful and timeless kitchen knives, handmade by our knife-makers in Mora. The actual blade is made of carefully selected Swedish stainless steel that is hardened and tempered in a secret process – a well-kept company secret for hundreds of years. Every single knife is assembled by hand before the characteristic metal ring with the Dala coat of arms is attached, perfecting the knife.

    The range includes five different models, designed to cover all the tasks that a home chef might need to do: a chef's knife in two different sizes, a bread knife, a fillet knife and a paring knife. The handle is made of red or black stained Swedish birch wood and has a well-designed spindle shape. That detail was inspired by our most classic knives, even though the shape has of course been adapted for use in the kitchen. We do everything to create more ergonomic knives with a steadier grip, which leads to a more enjoyable cooking experience.

  • Technical Info


    Fillet knife - The blade is 19cm long, with increased flexibility towards the tip of the knife.

    Bread knife - The blade is 24cm long

    Chef's knife - The blade is 22cm long

    Paring knife - The blade is 8cm long, blade is a real all-rounder: for fruit, vegetables, root vegetables, and other such tasks that require precision.

    Utility knife - The blade is 13cm long

    Sharpening steel - Our 25 cm long Sharpening steel Classic is a flexible sharpener that gives the edge of the knife maximum sharpness by aligning the edges. The sharpener has a rougher surface for grinding when the edge is more worn down. Remember to finish off the sharpening process with the finer, polished surface.

    All knives are made of Swedish stainless steel of the highest quality. It has a real wooden handle (black stained birch) and beautiful details - like the Dala coat of arms on the metal ring.

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    • Bread knife, 24cm
    • Chef's knife, 22cm
    • Fillet knife, 19cm
    • Paring knife, 8cm
    • Sharpening steel, 24cm
    • Utility knife

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