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By Kosta Boda


  • Description

    This stunning warm-coloured bottle has a rounded base and long, proud neck. The pinks, oranges, reds and greens all merge into each other creating a similar effect to the luminescence of oil on water. They look great on a window ledge with light pouring through them.

    Great skills are needed of the craftsmen to create the unique colour combinations and softly rounded forms of these fascinating bottles. The inspiration for this series originated in Kjell Engman's love of music, the long necks of the bottles reminiscent of organ pipes. The colours were inspired by shimmering rainbows of oil spilled on water. The name came from a beautiful transparent watercolor painting of a scene from the Fidji Islands.

  • Technical Info

    Small: Ø11 x H:29cm
    Medium: Ø13.5 x H:36.5cm
    Large: Ø17 x H:45cm

  • Designer
    Kjell Engman

    In the Scandinavian tradition, Kjell Engman is a born weaver of magic tales, a conjurer of times past and of wonders of the mind's eye. His narrative talents came naturally, learned from sources as diverse as Nordic myth and his yarn-spinning grandmother. Trained as a painter, ceramicist, and glass artist, Kjell joined Kosta Boda in 1978, after art school in Goteburg and the National College of Arts and Crafts in Stockholm. In 1981, he took a sabbatical to study at the Pilchuck Art Center in Washington state.
    Kjell is a tirelessly productive artist with a free-ranging imagination and a passion for storytelling, whose creativity finds expression in utilitatian as well as art glass. He lists among other sources of inspiration, the animal kingdom and the worlds of music and entertainment. Kjell often works on large installations, which include elements of sound and light. He is frequently commissioned for public works in Sweden and abroad.

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    4-6 weeks

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