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The contemporary Scandinavian accessory every home needs. Mobiles are a traditional decoration in Scandinavian countries, but none can beat Flensted at making an interior feel contemporary and alive! A Flensted mobile will enhance the space it inhabits and with its tranquil movement encourage your perception of it. The shadows its elements cast, have a mesmerising effect on any viewer, be this a young or old person, or even an animal.

Flensted Mobiles were first made on the island of Funen in 1954 by Christian Flensted: the materials he used, some of the themes he illustrated in his designs and the methods used in the production of the mobiles have substantially remained the same. Now Ole Aase and their daughter Christine, continue the tradition and with the help of their team of homeworkers bring Scandinavian humour and colour into every home!

  1. Guardian angels 6

    Guardian angels 6

  2. Prize Hen Mobile

    Prize Hen Mobile

  3. Sheep Mobile

    Sheep Mobile

  4. Viking 5 Mobile

    Viking 5 Mobile

  5. Scandinavian swans Mobile

    Scandinavian swans Mobile

  6. Happy Whales Mobile - grey

    Happy Whales Mobile - grey

  7. Christmas trees 10

    Christmas trees 10

  8. Counterpoint Nature Mobile 154an

    Counterpoint Nature Mobile 154an

  9. Floating Fish Mobile

    Floating Fish Mobile

  10. Giraffes on the Savannah Mobile

    Giraffes on the Savannah Mobile

  11. Aeromobile Mobile

    Aeromobile Mobile

  12. Counterpoint Black 154s

    Counterpoint Black 154s

  13. Angel mobile

    Angel mobile

  14. Angel chorus mobile (9 angels)

    Angel chorus mobile (9 angels)

  15. Symphony in 3 Movements mobile

    Symphony in 3 Movements mobile

  16. Penguin Parade Mobile

    Penguin Parade Mobile

  17. Happy Whales Mobile - green

    Happy Whales Mobile - green

  18. Angels of Love

    Angels of Love

  19. Futura mobile

    Futura mobile

  20. Flying chairs mobile

    Flying chairs mobile

  21. Dinghy Regatta 5 mobile

    Dinghy Regatta 5 mobile

  22. Expecting Fish mobile

    Expecting Fish mobile

  23. The Wisest Owls mobile

    The Wisest Owls mobile

  24. Moomin mobile

    Moomin mobile

  25. Elephant Party

    Elephant Party

  26. Shoal of Fish

    Shoal of Fish

  27. Turning Leaves

    Turning Leaves

  28. Life and Thread

    Life and Thread

  29. Flowing Rhythm

    Flowing Rhythm